COVID-19 Protocol for Safe Gym and Class Use

We are dedicated to keeping you safe whilst enjoying the best training experience possible. We understand the role that physical and mental wellness plays especially during a pandemic such as COVID-19. Which is why we have made staying safe at our facility an easy and seamless process from the minute you set foot inside our doors.



We are adhering to Government guidelines regarding social distancing and regular cleaning of our equipment. Although we know you are keen, please do not arrive early for your session as the staff will be cleaning in preparation for your arrival. Please also do not arrive late. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will not grant you access to the facility. We ask that during the current restrictions, you do not train in pairs or groups.


Entering and Exiting the Gym. We have implemented a one way system for gym use to prevent unwanted interaction. All equipment available to use is adequately spaced out. The free weights area has been marked out in line with social distancing rules. Some machines will be out of action during your visit to allow for adequate social distancing.

All gym and class sessions can be booked using the Spivi app, which is available for free on the App store. We offer 1 hour time slots for gym use with 15 minute intervals between sessions, in which the staff will clean the equipment in preparation for the next session.

The maximum capacity for Gym use in peak times is 30 people. During times where no classes are taking place, the maximum capacity will be 40 people on the gym floor. If you are not yet a member, you can still book a gym session using Spivi and pay on arrival. During off peak sessions you will be able to book double sessions if there is adequate availability however you will still be required to vacate during the 15 minute cleaning interval. There are to be no double bookings during peak times. This is to ensure fair use of the gym for all members.


We have multiple dedicated sanitising stations around the facility and on touch points. Gym users will be allocated individual antibacterial spray and blue roll is available around the gym floor.

We request that you wipe down the equipment after use and before moving onto the next machine. In the class areas we have dedicated zones for each participant to work in. Each zone will be sanitised and deep cleaned between each session.



The reception area is protected with a clear plastic screen and all staff members will be wearing PPE to ensure safe measures are in place. The reception area will be paperless and participants are able to sign up to memberships and book into classes via our tablets which will be mounted in the area.


The toilet facilities are available for use and members must continue to adhere to social distancing. Showers and lockers will be unavailable for the time being and members are encouraged to come to the gym in their workout clothing.


Please do not bring towels or bags into the facility. You will not be allowed access to the gym in doing so. Gloves and face masks are to be used at all times for general first aid. Personal Training sessions can continue with social distancing in place. If you are feeling unwell and are showing symptoms of COVID-19 including a high temperature, please do not come to the facility and cancel your booking via the app. Our water fountains will be turned off, please bring your own drinks. Bottled beverages can be purchased from the cafe.


Studio 1 & 2– Class participants will exit the studio using the fire door to avoid unnecessary traffic in the corridor adjacent to the toilets. 

In Studio 2 all indoor bikes have been spread out in line with social distancing rules and each bike will be allocated a sanitiser and blue roll to be used after your class. The studio will be cleaned by our staff in between each session. Class numbers have been reduced to 12 in both studios to allow for a safe training environment. 

Boxfit and Bagblast classes have been taken off the timetable as we do not deem them to be safe at this time.


If you have tested positive with COVID-19 you must contact the gym as soon as possible and let us know on 01209697270.

Thank you for your continued support during these difficult times. We appreciate your cooperation

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