For the whole month of February, every time you jump on the Keiser M3i bike and attend a BORNE2RIDE class your visits and calories burned will be tracked on the app!

3 Visits 🚴🏻 = One Card ♦️
2000 Calories 🔥= One Card ♦️

You select each card you earn from our Limited Edition BORNE2RIDE Decks face down. The more you spin the more cards you can earn!

You can cash those cards in at anytime during February for PRIZES! Do you cash in early or hold our for the Royal Flush???

With SPIN2WIN the risk is yours!!! Goodluck!

SPECIAL OFFER for Non Platinum Members -the DEAD MANS HAND ☠️

(Unlimited Sessions £25 for the Month of February) 


Contact US

01209 697270

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