How REBORNE has helped me - AMY USHER

As a child I had always been the largest one in the class (height and weight) and everything I had previously tried in my adult years worked very well whilst I was on the “band wagon” but for reasons that did not seem clear at the time, I was unable to sustain or maintain these results.
As a general rule I eat well with most meals made from scratch and have always been a relatively active person having been brought up on a farm and playing multiple sports.

My husband had come back from the gym between Christmas and New year and mentioned that Bornefit were going to launch a weight loss programme, structured full body workouts, motivational support and nutritrional information called REBORNE in January 2020. I was very keen to go along and try something new to see if it would inspire me to get motivated again to make the changes I know I need for my health and well-being. 

I am not stuck on hitting a certain weight or looking skinny I would just like to be a healthy weight with some overall toning to help my overall strength mentally and physically.

I felt so at ease in the opening session and I could not have been more relieved to get started on a programme that seemed so simple in concept. I knew there were would be lots of mini challenges but it appeared completely achievable and I know people that have had PT at the gym with phenomenal results so couldn’t wait to get started.

Once over the first few hurdles of using lots of resistance machines that I had never entertained using before, the principles soon became clear and I had started, my journey begins.

Education, education, education……
This cannot be underestimated. The education we get each week on this programme I believe will be key to its ongoing success. From fundamental nutrition to understanding basic training principles and how to execute them effectively is just fantastic. I thought I had previously had a good understanding of food and exercise in combination but these sessions have highlighted the key areas where I now know I have been going wrong for years.

My Challenges:
The first challenge was consistently logging ALL MY FOOD – it soon became clear quite how much I eat in a day being a mum that works from home and although it was all pretty healthy it was too much of a calorie surplus. This also took some time to log initially but it very quickly became an easy habit and after learning how to log common meals, breakfasts and snacks it becomes a breeze.

The second challenge was maintaining consistency with coming into the gym. I had worked out a plan with my husband as to having set times each week to come in to the gym (4 set times per week for 3 workouts and a class). But as full time mum of a 2 and 4 year old, running my own business and still working one day a week in my original job, tiredness was and still is probably by biggest challenge. Not only to make myself at least try to get a session in even if I do not feel like but also to make good food choices when all I crave is sugar from tiredness. 

However, I maintain both of the above to maintain accountability. Even if my food intake has been in excess of 4000kcal a day (double my daily allowance) and even if it is nowhere near my strongest workout it will be calories expended and not eaten with a large sugary cup of tea!

Group Support
The group to me is where the magic happens! Not only as I have mentioned before the education side, but also the support from other members. Were are all in the group for our own reasons whether it be weight loss, weight gain or just re-sculpting and the sharing of our own experiences with the exercise and nutrition goals in general is fantastic. There is no judgement, just support, laughter and constructive support to help you move forward. We share in each others results and help share any guidance to those who are struggling. I am not normally one to ask for help with anything being a stubborn Taurus but nothing is any trouble to the staff members and someone in the group always has some great advise and support. You are never alone.

My advice and collection of thoughts after my first 9 weeks are:

1. Consistency is key…with logging food, maintaining a regular routine of getting your set workouts in and coming to group. The set workouts are designed to improve your whole body strength and stamina for good body composition changes. Any additional challenges, classes, walks with the dog or home improvements/gardening is a bonus and personal to you and your goals.

2. Prepping is key….if you have spent writing a weekly meal plan, the time shopping for a range of whole foods and treats and have prepared nutritious/balanced lunches/snacks you are much less likely in a rush during the busy days to make any “bad” food choices. Batch cooking can help save time and sometimes if I know I have a very busy day ahead I also plan, prep and log the entire days food in advance with multiple snack options so that I can have choices in the day depending on how hungry I am and what I fancy that day.

3. Be kind to yourself….if you are feeling sluggish or not 100% still try to get something done but lower your expectations of goals, achieve good form and maybe spend 10-15 minutes at home afterwards just recapping your last weeks exercise and nutrition – have you been overdoing the exercise or under-eating Quite often I end up doing much better than I think I will and then feel so much better for having made the effort. You are investing in yourself and that is not selfish…something I am learning to adjust to!

4. Concentrate on the process….after a lifetime of concentrating on crunching numbers each week on the scales and being quickly deflated and frustrated if I didn’t achieve this, I now try my best with the workouts, try my best with slowly changing my eating habits to meet my calorie/macronutrient goals and the rest should fall into place as it has been doing. Measurements of overall size and things as simple as fitting into old clothes that I had outgrown is a huge boost for me! My personal journey is not only a long-term one in respect of losing a significant amount of weight but also changing 30 years of old habits for the better. This will take time, patience and determination but I am confident I will achieve my goals and am so unbelievably grateful to Bornefit for the perfect timing in setting up such a fantastic programme.