REBORNE - Susan Care

It was the Christmas lights that lit up this gym that got me thinking that it looked like a place I could get fit, what other gym is lit up with thousands of lights? Having never set foot in a gym before, only tinkering in ad hoc exercise hoping to lose a stone after a random bike ride, I mean come on, I did sweat!! I thought I would be brave and pop in to Bornefit. Having come from the weight loss/health industry I knew December would be a quiet time, so December 2016 is where my fitness journey started.

Low in confidence and clueless as to how the machines worked, not to mention how to turn on the treadmill, pick up a kettlebell, and of course I wouldn’t be one of those girls who picked up a barbell. I wouldn’t even know what to do with it.

But yet I wanted to improve my fitness, tone up and lose weight. Who doesn’t? But I had zero knowledge and was really self conscience about this lack of knowledge. Having dabbled myself for a few months, going on the treadmill (which I did learn how to turn on and not fall off), I knew I needed more. A friend of mine who was already having personal training at Bornefit and buzzing about it, I thought, I need someone to tell me what to do and help me learn, but at the same time not shout at me. I had this image of a personal trainer yelling at me, army style, trying to kill me off at worst and at best, make me cry or sick! Thankfully this did not happen!

Cue, Liam Broad, a young man who has changed my life, for who I owe such a great deal. He seemed so young, how could he help a 30+ woman who was unfit and a few stones overweight. I like to ask a lot of questions, I mean a lot, I do it for a living and like to know everything! I asked Liam a lot of questions, he could answer all of them with confidence. Hmm I thought, I’ll ride out this cycle of personal training and then see. Well 15 cycles later and a complete transformation in my body shape, weight loss, fat loss, stronger and fitter, which has come in very handy when dealing with my 2 young children. Most importantly I have so much more confidence in myself that getting fit brings. Along side personal training I participated in bootcamps, have tried most of the classes including a love/hate/addictive relationship with the spin bike. Liam has taught me how to use that barbell doing squats, deadlifts, bench press, push press and 3 years on, they are my favorite exercises to do. I have made some fantastic friends along the way, who like me, were lacking in confidence, we would meet up at the gym to train or go to a class together, then have coffee and chat after.

What I have realised along this journey, it that it takes patience, consistency, hard work and having someone looking out for you who wants you to achieve your goals, that is their job. No ego, just treating you with respect. In fact the whole Bornefit team do. Which now I am honoured to be a part of.

I have helped people achieve their weight loss goals over the last 5+years and now I, along with the Bornefit team, want to help with your fitness goals too.

Having come from such a inexperienced background in fitness, I am now in a good place to help others and Reborne is just that. A programme that educates in training, offers nutritional support, workout plans and challenges, so coming to the gym is time well spent achieving results. With a choice of 3 drop in sessions a week to choose from, the chance to meet fellow like minded gym goers, work out with friends and have that social interaction which is so important. The beauty of Reborne is that accountability is key and it is my role to make sure that you are achieving them.

I can’t wait to meet you. xx