Losing 8 Stone – My Journey

For those who have known me for many years, I used to be a very large person, weighing over 17 stone (size 22)! I also have Scoliosis and from that I have a twisted rib cage, osteo-arthritis and suffered from regular Bursitis The arthritis was quite bad, I couldn’t bend my knees due to inflammation, and my Doctor told me “you’re of an age now, it’s only going to get worse, etc and prescribed painkillers”. I was 47 and taking 10-12 painkillers a day. I wasn’t happy with that response, so decided to do something about it. I came back from Australia in 2016, having lost some weight – lots of walking in their beautiful National Parks! I also lost Scott, my husband, the year before and was needing a positive focus in life; I suppose I was in a bit of a rut too. It was time to invest in myself, and to some degree I had to be selfish to concentrate on my wellbeing. And so the healthy lifestyle commenced.

I joined a Crossfit gym (and believe me, I didn’t like the gym), took on a 6 week challenge and attended 4 days a week. I decided to sort my food out and began a ‘clean’ diet – sugar free, fat free, gluten free, processed free. I was strict and deciplined and mainly followed a high protein based diet (very few carbs). I didn’t join a slimming club, I was determined to do this on my own. It was bloody hard work – not only in stamina terms, but my body was in such a bad way, I used to come home in agony, almost in tears at the pain and needing deep massages. Because of my Scoliosis, I had a lot of muscle groups that simply weren’t working, and others, over-compensating = very sore. If you touched my back, it always felt bruised. I persevered, worked through the pain, and after the Crossfit ended, joined BORNEFIT in Pool.

It took me 18 months to lose 7 ½ and have been maintaining since. Three years later, I’m still going to the gym, eating well and much more active in life. I have now lost over 8 stone and feel I have achieved so much (now size 8/10). My health is so much better, I’m more energised, active and generally loving life and NO painkillers! Attending the gym has improved my body so much in terms of strength, movement and flexibility. I now have a PT (Sophie Jenkin, who I love) – more to follow on that stage of my transformation. I hope I can inspire some others to follow that healthy lifestyle