So I’ve reached a bit of a milestone and also had a bit of a wobble! I started PT training with Liam Nappin exactly 1 year ago, in a field, and I could barely lift a pump bar loaded with 10kgs above my head.

Fast forward 1 year and what a difference!

Admittedly it has been a year with interruptions, stopping and starting due to lockdowns but that makes it all the more satisfying. I wonder how much weight you think I have lost?

With my vertically challenged stature there is no hiding extra weight and when you don’t have a lot to lose (at least that is what I thought) it’s tough, the pounds don’t just drop away.

That said, I can’t say it has been hard either. I truly believe the key is logging food, good and bad, especially the bad, because that’s when you realise the calories and macros of the less nutritious stuff we all love to indulge in and you become knowledgeable about when it’s ok and when you need to exercise restraint. Yeah it’s a bit of a chore, especially in the beginning, but it gets easier and quicker and it truly makes you stop and think before consuming but it also helps you manage fitting the ‘bad stuff’ in whilst staying on track.

Obviously its not just about tracking food, you have to exercise and you have to enjoy it or you won’t commit to it and stick to it. Like most ladies I was not comfortable in the gym and if I did something a bit stupid or didn’t know which way around to sit on a machine, yep I thought everyone was looking and saw what I just did even though they probably didn’t!! The best way to get confident in the gym is PT, I’ve had so much enjoyment from going into the gym for my PT sessions with Liam, I love training with him and he is hot on technique so he’s in my head telling me what to do even when I’m training alone.

I’ve had sh*t days, and cried, because of stuff going on in the rest of my life, but I’ve turned up for PT and left feeling better. I don’t really want to stop doing PT because it’s great having someone to train you and try new stuff that you wouldn’t do without someone guiding you.

Something else that is now a firm fixture in my routine is the friends that I have made, through lockdown of all times. During the online period we were set some challenges and to cut a long story short a few of us got together to start running, initially doing the Heartlands ParkRun when we were allowed to start meeting up again after the first lockdown. This has resulted in some amazing friendships and we now support and encourage each other constantly which I know spurs me on to keep going because they are amazing ladies and I don’t want to get left behind. So if you can find a gym buddy it truly helps, you don’t need to train your session together, in fact it’s probably better if you don’t, but arrange to meet, do your workouts and enjoy a coffee after, it’s awesome!

As for my latest wobble, well I had my 1 year weigh, measure and progress photos and it threw me a little, I didn’t know where I was going or what to do next, I’ve lost more weight than I set out to and none of my clothes fit. Wobble over, I feel good about myself and I’m carrying on, I’m not yet confident that I can maintain my weight where it is, there is no reason I shouldn’t it’s just about self-belief and of course continuing with what I am already doing.

Oh and by the way it’s only 1.5 stone weight loss, so not a massive amount but at barely 5’2” it makes a big difference and of course with the weight training a much improved shape. I’m 50 and probably in the best shape of my adult life!

Hopefully sharing my experience with you will help you achieve your goals too! xx